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Fethiye Villa Rental

As Güven Villas, you can have the opportunity to have the special and luxurious holiday of your dreams with our rental villa service that we offer to our valued customers. You and your loved ones can enjoy a quality holiday with these villas that you rent only for you.

Villa holiday, which is one of the most beautiful areas to choose for holiday, offers you the opportunity to spend time in the comfort of your home compared to other holidays. In this sense, you can plan all the processes of your holiday in this way.

You can relax yourself with weekly or daily rental villa holidays, which you can enjoy as a couple, with your family or with a large group of friends, in any season you wish, and at the end of the holiday, you can return to your standards with all your energy.

You can relieve all the tiredness that has accumulated over the year and the stress that the city has created on you with these holiday options. Discover what holiday means now with villas designed for you with luxury features in many holiday locations from Fethiye to Kalkan! As Güven Villas, with our 15 years of experience, we are always ready to offer the most suitable service for you.

Why Should Rental Villas Be Preferred?

We want to relax ourselves and relieve the tiredness of the year with different types of holidays. In this context, villa rental, one of the most popular holiday types of recent times, has become frequently preferred by holidaymakers as it has many advantages. So, what are the reasons why these villas are so frequently preferred?

First of all, a villa holiday, which can be seen as a much more economical holiday compared to hotel holidays, can be adjusted according to the budget. In this sense, you have the opportunity to choose the villa with the features and price you want according to your budget, and at the same time, you only pay a general fee for the service and villa you receive, without paying a fee per person. This is a more affordable method than other holidays.

It offers you a holiday in the comfort of your home. In this sense, with this type of holiday, you can have the opportunity to holiday in large and spacious rooms, in villas with features determined according to your own demands, without being crammed into small hotel rooms.

In addition to all these, the holiday option in a rental villa can be considered as a relaxing and peaceful holiday type as it offers a luxurious experience and a service away from the crowds and in touch with nature. In this sense, you can safely choose the villas in the location and features you request on our Güven Villas website and have a peaceful holiday.

Villa Rental Options

There are different categories offered to you within the scope of your villa holiday. You can determine these categories entirely according to your own demands and holiday plans. In this sense, you can choose the most suitable villa categories with the choices you make. The villa options we offer you as Güven Villas are as follows;

1 - Villas with private pools

2 - Conservative Villas

3 - Villas with Heating Pools

4 - Honeymoon Villas

5 - Villas for Large Families

6 - Villas with Nature View

7 - Villas with Jacuzzi

8 - Sea View Villas

9 - Tiny Houses

10 - Villas with Pets

11 - Apartments for Rent

Within the scope of all these options, you can choose the most suitable holiday content for yourself. From this perspective, we can say that the most preferred among these categories we offer are Kalkan conservative villas, honeymoon villas and villas with jacuzzi. You should know that these villas, which are preferred by newlywed couples or conservative families, are completely sheltered and their garden is not even visible from the outside.

In addition, within the scope of other features offered to you, you can find yourself holidaying in a more comfortable area than your home with our ultra-luxury villa options. The only thing you can do for this is to choose the category that suits you via Güven Villas, which will prepare your plan.

General Features of Villas for Rent

We have mentioned that villas come in many different categories within the scope of the services we offer you with Güven Villas. In this sense, it is obvious that each villa has its own specially designed contents and features. However, in general, there are also standard villa features offered for you, our valued holidaymakers. In this sense, if we talk about the general features of the villas;

1. Each villa has its own garden, bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Although the number and size of these features vary according to the categories of the villa, the content is the same.

2. Apart from this, all materials such as pots and plates are available in the kitchen for cooking and eating.

3. You will be provided with expert support for all the villas you will rent, and team support will be provided to solve any problems you may experience.

4. Although the categories are different, for example, the decoration and furniture contents offered within the scope of rental villa Fethiye and your rental in Fethiye will provide almost the same results.

5. Cleaning and maintenance of all villas are carried out with the same care and in the same way.

These and all similar features are offered for you, our valued users, to have a comfortable and peaceful holiday.

Rental Villa Prices

Considering the market scope, rental villa prices vary. In this sense, issues such as the location of the villa, seasonal characteristics, and features of the villa clearly play a determining role in pricing.

In the pricing of villa holidays, the area and duration of the villa also play a determining role in the change. In this sense, the prices of the weekly holiday in the same location as the daily rental villa Ölüdeniz will vary.

As Güven Villas, we offer you the most affordable prices for our quality and luxury villa holiday services. In this context, by choosing us, you can have a luxury holiday at an affordable price.

Kalkan Villas for Rent

Kalkan is among the most preferred locations for villa holidays. Although there are many reasons for this, the most obvious reasons are that it has uniquely beautiful bays, its sea is very clean and beautiful, and the entertainment culture has developed because many holidaymakers choose this place. In this sense, you can also choose villas located in Kalkan for a villa holiday.

In this service we offer with Güven Villas, you can decide how long you will stay and your holiday with options such as Kalkan daily rental villa, weekly rental villa, 10-day rental villa. In this regard, you can enjoy a perfect villa holiday in Kalkan, which is one of the best areas you can choose for a pleasant, luxurious and economical holiday.

Fethiye Villas for Rent

Fethiye is among the locations preferred by many people, not only for villas but also for holidays in general. In this sense, there are specially built villas in most regions of Fethiye for our valued guests to enjoy their holidays. You can choose the one with the most suitable features among these villas and in this way, you can have the perfect holiday you have been dreaming of throughout the year.

All you need to do to experience an unforgettable holiday with our villa types offered to you within the scope of villa rental Fethiye features on our Güven Villas website is to make a reservation. Afterwards, you can have fun and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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