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Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement


This contract; The start and end dates between the lessor of the "Villa/Apartment" (hereinafter referred to as the "CUSTOMER") and the "GUVEN VILLAS" (hereinafter referred to as "GUVEN VILLAS"), which mediates the rental of the "Villa/Apartment", are " It was made for the purpose of renting the "Villa/Apartment".

The customer and accompanying persons who make a reservation for any of our "villas/apartments" announced on the website of "www.guvenvillas.com.tr" through our website or via telephone or e-mail are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance. Violation of any of the following conditions, GÜVEN VILLAS,

It gives the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, to request the customer to leave the "Villa/Apartment", not to refund the deposit received, deposit rent and to demand all of the unpaid rent.


Villa/apartment rental prices stated on our website are daily, weekly, monthly.


Pre-reservation can be made for our villas/apartments via the reservation form on our website, SMS/Whatsapp, telephone or e-mail.

GÜVEN VILLAS, in reference to the details of your accommodation request (date, number of people, etc.) for the Villa/Apartment you want to rent,

According to the availability of the villa/apartment, it takes the necessary transportation and billing information from you and makes the pre-rental process.

GÜVEN VILLAS, notifying that your reservation request has reached us,

After the pre-lease form, in which your reservation information and the total amount is specified, is sent to you via e-mail, 20 % of the total accommodation fee for the villa/apartment is taken as a deposit payment. 2 (two) working days for distant dates after the pre-lease is made,

For the near future, the Villa/Apartment is reserved and kept in your name so that you can make your down payment for 1 (one) business day.

You will be notified of the deposit amount you need to pay and our bank account numbers via e-mail or via SMS/WhatsApp.

Down payment; 2 (two) business days for dates (more than 60 days) far from your entry to the villa/apartment

For close dates (60 days or less), it is received by Credit Card, Money Order or EFT within 1 (one) business day. The rental confirmation of the Villa/Apartment will be sent to you in writing within 1 business day at the latest after the deposit is received. The total fee included in this approval document,

The deposit received and the dates on which the Villa/Apart is rented on your behalf and the time of day of the deposit you have deposited are reported.

Deposit within 2 (two) business days for distant dates and 1 (one) business day for near dates; Credit card,

In the event that it cannot be obtained by money order or EFT, GÜVEN VILLAS reserves the right to cancel the pre-reservation and to take another reservation for the villa/apartment without informing the customer.

Before signing the 'Villa/Apartment Rental Agreement' mutually signed at the entrance of the villa/apartment,

Customers cannot enter our villas/apartments until the remaining payment and damage deposit for the villa/apartment rental fee is received in cash. For this reason, it is kindly requested that these amounts are prepared with you in cash on the day of entry to the villa/apartment in order to prevent any unjust treatment.

GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the reflection of the exchange rate differences that may occur on the reservation entry date in the reservations received in foreign currency, on the prices of the villas/apartments.


No villas, no apartments, which are published on the GÜVEN VILLAS web page and rented as an intermediary, do not belong to GÜVEN VILLAS.

GÜVEN VILLAS is an intermediary (broker) institution for renting villas/apartments registered on behalf of a real person or legal entity to the customer. Therefore, GÜVEN VILLAS is only liable to issue a brokerage (brokerage) invoice. GÜVEN VILLAS earns a certain brokerage (brokerage) profit from the fee paid by the customer. GUVEN VILLAS,

he is obliged to issue an invoice only for the profit he earns and he invoices this profit. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the legal resolution of disputes that may arise from the tax liability of the villa/apartment owner.


The entrance time to the villa/apartment is 16:00 on the reservation start day.

If he/she arrives after 21:00, which is the latest check-in time, he/she can enter the villa/apartment at 09.00 in the morning, which is the next working day. of the customer; In case of arrival before or after the specified time, problems arising from not being able to enter the villa/apartment, overnight accommodation, inability to find accommodation, etc.

GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for any problems. The customer has to find the place where he will spend the night and pay for the accommodation himself. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for such situations. cannot enter the villa/apartment outside the specified hours,

Departure time from the villa/apartment at the end of the reservation for all our regions,

The latest is 10:00 in the morning. Problems, damages, grievances, etc. arising from the fact that the customer does not vacate the villa/apartment at all or late at 10:00 in the morning. The customer is personally responsible for all negativities and will cover all kinds of material damages of GÜVEN VILLAS that may arise from these negativities.

We strongly remind you that travel plans should be made according to these hours in order not to be victimized on both sides. In case of early departure, GÜVEN VILLAS must be informed 24 hours in advance.

In case the customer leaves the villa/apartment without being able to control the villa/apartment due to congestion, the damage deposit will be sent to a bank account to be notified by the customer. Shipping costs will be deducted from the damage deposit.

If the customer leaves the villa/apartment early at his own request, no refund will be made to the customer for the days he did not stay.


Guests are not accepted to our Villas/Apartments, which you choose from the advertisements on our website, above the capacity specified on the advertisement page or the number of people (including children and babies) specified when making the reservation.

If the customer wishes to make a change in the number of people after the reservation is finalized, a written application will be made to GÜVEN VILLAS and this change can be approved if GÜVEN VILLAS deems it appropriate according to the capacity of the villa/apartment. GÜVEN VILLAS will be able to charge additional fees from the customer.

After entering the villa/apartment, guests are not accepted to the villa/apartment except the guests specified in the reservation list. In cases where it is determined to the contrary, GÜVEN VILLAS may cancel the reservation completely unilaterally or request the villa/apartment to be completely vacated without waiting for the end of the rental period.

has the right to charge the entire accommodation fee and an extra fee. At the stage of renting the villa/apartment, action is taken in line with the customer's statement and the customer accepts all responsibilities that may arise in this regard, that the information provided is correct and complete.


The villa/apartment will be delivered clean on the date the customer checks in. Weekly villa/apartment cleaning and towels/sheets etc. for stays of 2 (two) weeks. change is included in the prices. Apart from this, all kinds of cleaning and towels / sheets etc. to be requested. exchange will be charged extra. All villas/apartments have pools,

In order to carry out periodic maintenance of the garden and other fixtures, the personnel in charge must enter the garden or inside the villa/apartment. In order for these services to be carried out without interruption, the customer must allow the personnel in charge to enter the villa/apartment when necessary. Opposite,

Unless specified on the villa/apartment detail page on our website, electricity, water, bottled gas, pool lighting, internet connection and air conditioning are included in the prices. Pool lighting, air conditioning and internet may not be available as standard in all our villas/apartments.

For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully read the features of the villa/apartment you have rented on our villa/apartment description page. If any technical problems occur in the villa/apartment during the rental period, GÜVEN VILLAS will be informed as soon as possible, and GÜVEN VILLAS will communicate with the landlord to resolve the technical problem.

The responsibility of GÜVEN VILLAS for technical issues ends on the delivery date of the villa/apartment to the customer. GÜVEN VILLAS only helps to solve the problem. The owner of the villa/apartment is personally responsible for any technical problems.


Unless otherwise stated, pets are not allowed in our villas/apartments.

Smoking is not allowed in the closed areas of all of our villas/apartments.


Due to the fact that the Villa/Apartment rented to the customer is delivered furnished, the goods are broken, broken, damaged, lost, lost, etc.

However, the damage deposit of 500 TL / 3000 TL determined by the owner of the villa/apartment is taken in cash (in cash) by the owner of the villa/apartment or by the representative of GÜVEN VILLAS on behalf of the villa/apartment. Damage deposit, after the counting of the fixtures at the customer's exit, the goods are broken, dumped, damaged, lost, lost, etc.

If the damage is more than the deposit received, GÜVEN VILLAS has the right to take legal action to pay the difference.



The customer, the prepayment of 20 % of the total accommodation price of the villa/apartment;

by Credit Card from the website or by money order or EFT to the notified GÜVEN VILLAS account, or in cash; if the reservation, which will be valid from the date of the reservation, is canceled at its own request before the reservation date;

- For cancellations up to 30 days before the accommodation date, they cannot request a refund of the deposit fee 20 % of the Total Accommodation Price) received by GÜVEN VILLAS for the pre-booking;

- For cancellations up to 30 days or less before the accommodation date, the deposit fee received by GÜVEN VILLAS for the pre-booking (20 % of the Total Accommodation Price) cannot be requested, and the villa/apartment owner is obliged to pay the remaining accommodation fee to the villa/apartment owner's account.

It is obligatory to send the reasoned cancellation notice to be created by the customer to GÜVEN VILLAS in an official way in writing or by e-mail. Notifications not made in writing or by e-mail in an official way will not be valid for cancellation and will not invalidate the validity of the above-mentioned conditions.

Unless GÜVEN VILLAS notifies the customer of the cancellation of the reservation in an official way in writing or by e-mail, the cancellation of the reservation is not considered approved and the above-mentioned conditions continue in effect. Reservation cancellation date,

It is valid from the moment that the cancellation notice created by the customer reaches GÜVEN VILLAS under the conditions stated above.

In case of cancellation, GÜVEN VILLAS takes precautions regarding accommodation,

In accordance with this contract, it is entitled to receive the above-mentioned payments from the customer over the total accommodation price specified in the accommodation agreement in order to eliminate the expenses and the grievances of the villa/apartment owners.


Rented Villas / Apartments, 

In case of unforeseen circumstances (sudden problems in the infrastructure installation equipment, flooding, fire, damage to the building carrier system, etc.), GÜVEN VILLAS has the right to cancel your reservation. This situation will be notified to the customer as soon as possible with the reasons. In these and similar cases, GÜVEN VILLAS,

It tries to offer a different accommodation opportunity, which is the equivalent of the rented villa/apartment, available on the same dates. Customer; has the right to receive a full refund of the payment made. GÜVEN VILLAS of the payment received from the customer; is obliged to refund the amount of the total accommodation cost equal to the commission fee.

The remaining payment refund is the responsibility of the villa/apartment owner and GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the refund of this price.

In case the customer does not pay the remaining payment to the owner of the villa/apartment at the entrance of the reservation, GÜVEN VILLAS, canceling the reservation in question, not reimbursing the previously paid fee,

reserves the right to apply the above-mentioned items exactly and to receive another reservation for this villa.

GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for not using the villa/apartment for a reason arising from the fault of the customer or the termination of the contract without duly written notification, provided that the villa/apartment is valid from the reservation confirmation with the explicit declaration of the parties of this contract.

All of the price shown in the contract becomes due on the agreed delivery date of the villa/apartment, and all legal rights of GÜVEN VILLAS are reserved.


GUVEN VILLAS; He is responsible for delivering the Villa/Apartment to the customer on the specified date and time, clean and ready for use. At the entrance to the Villa/Apartment,

If there is any broken, non-working item or malfunction, the customer should immediately notify GÜVEN VILLAS and request the elimination of these malfunctions. GÜVEN VILLAS will notify this request to the villa/apartment owner or the relevant company and will ensure that this defect is rectified within 48 hours at the latest.

GÜVEN VILLAS is not responsible for the elimination of the problem, it helps to eliminate the problem. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for any failures not reported on time. GÜVEN VILLAS is an intermediary between the villa/apartment owner and the customer, and therefore the villa/apartment owner is responsible for eliminating any problems that may occur in the villa/apartment.

Apart from this, any accident, illness, injury, drowning in the pool, death, theft, etc. that may occur and are under the responsibility of the customers. and fire, theft, etc. that may occur in the villa/apartment. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents. Apart from this, in the customer's arrival at the villa/apartment, in their return,

travel, shopping, food, beverage, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance services etc. they will receive from third parties/companies during their vacation. GUVEN VILLAS will not be responsible for any problems that may arise from any service such as After the customer leaves the villa/apartment,

During his stay in the villa/apartment, he cannot claim any right or reimbursement for a service he could not receive due to a malfunction or malfunction that he did not notify to GÜVEN VILLAS.

Power outages that may occur from authorized companies in the villas/apartments where you will stay,

“GUVEN VILLAS” cannot be held responsible for a decrease in water flow or regional water cuts.


Customers are obliged to use the villa/apartment, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic goods and other furniture in the villa/apartment that are delivered to them in working and intact condition.

Customers have to leave all kitchen utensils delivered to them clean in the same way. On the day of departure from the villa/apartment, the villa/apartment must be delivered with all the garbage thrown away and the dishes washed.

Otherwise, and in cases where the villa/apartment is left dirty beyond reasonable measures, GÜVEN VILLAS will collect a cleaning fee from the damage deposit.

In case of any damage to the Villa/Apartment, the customers are obliged to inform GÜVEN VILLAS.

If the damage deposit has been taken, the cost of any damage to the villa/apartment that the customers may cause during their stay will be deducted from this deposit, and in case of damage exceeding the damage deposit, the customer will be requested to pay in cash.

In addition, the customer and the people accompanying them should pay attention to comply with the social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, not to listen to loud music, and not to engage in criminal behaviors that are prohibited by the laws of our country.

If a complaint is received by GÜVEN VILLAS about the customer and his accompanists for such reasons, GÜVEN VILLAS has the right to ask the customer to vacate the villa/apartment before the reservation period expires.

GUVEN VILLAS does not guarantee the invisibility of our customers who will stay in the villas specified on the web page and defined as conservative (villas whose pool is not visible from the outside). Regarding invisibility, customers have to ensure their own privacy. GÜVEN VILLAS does not accept responsibility for such problems.


GÜVEN VILLAS informs the customer that legal action can be taken against the person(s) staying, other than those whose identity information is obtained and entered into the KBS (Identity Notification System) database, according to the new law, and that it constitutes a crime by law, with the contract it signed at the time of entry.

The customer is obliged to pay the fine that may occur due to incomplete or wrong identification or those who stay without their identity information in the contract. When the customer signs this contract, he accepts and undertakes these terms.

During the pre-reservation phase of the holiday residence, transactions are carried out in line with the customer's declaration.

The customer accepts and undertakes that the information provided is correct and complete. GÜVEN VILLAS is not responsible for problems arising from incomplete or incorrect information given by the customer.

The customer is obliged to read, understand and sign the "Villa/Apartment Customer Agreement" arranged by GÜVEN VILLAS at the entrance of the Villa/Apartment.

Otherwise; Payments previously paid to GÜVEN VILLAS will not be returned to the customer and villas/apartments will not be accommodated. The lease agreement may be terminated unilaterally by GÜVEN VILLAS. GÜVEN VILLAS will have the right to demand all the price in the contract.

You can get a copy of the Villa/Apartment Rental Agreement from our website, or you can request it from the authorized GÜVEN VILLAS.


Swimming Pool temperatures of our villas/apartments (including heated pools); It varies according to the weather and seasonal temperature. Customer renting the villa/apartment,

GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for not being able to enter the pool because the pool is cold or does not have enough heat, and therefore cannot use the pool.

Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure, GÜVEN VILLAS may terminate this contract unilaterally without taking any legal responsibility.

War, threat of war, uprising, strikes, natural disasters, fires, terrorist activities, epidemics, technical problems that may occur in transportation, superstructure and infrastructure works carried out by municipalities or public institutions, which GÜVEN VILLAS cannot prevent,

The bans of the state authorities in the region and all events that are unforeseen and beyond our control will be considered within the scope of force majeure.


Customers will immediately notify GÜVEN VILLAS about their complaints during their stay in the villa/apartment. the situation in question,

It will be examined by GÜVEN VILLAS officials and necessary measures will be taken immediately. GÜVEN VILLAS will not be held responsible for any complaints that are not reported during the stay, that will be made after the stay and after leaving the villa/apartment.


“GUVEN VILLAS to use my address via telephone, e-mail and mobile applications that I have shared or will share in the future for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages to me, especially the promotion of new products and campaigns through the www.guvenvillas.com.tr website, and to be able to communicate with me through these communication tools;

In this context, I consent to the storage and use of the information I have shared by GÜVEN VILLAS, and the content of the commercial electronic message and other records related to the shipment to be recorded and stored to be submitted to the Ministry of Customs and Trade when necessary. This Commercial Electronic Message consent is an integral part of the text.


GÜVEN VILLAS will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. GÜVEN VILLAS never sells the personal information of visitors, registered users and partners to third parties. Personal information; name, address,

means all kinds of information to identify the user, such as phone number, e-mail address. GÜVEN VILLAS will be able to use personal information within its own body for the purpose of determining user profile and performing statistical studies and may share it with third parties only for the purpose of carrying out these studies.

GUVEN VILLAS, to keep personal information strictly private and confidential, to regard it as a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, undertakes to take the necessary measures and to show due diligence to prevent all or any part of the confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. Although GÜVEN VILLAS has taken the necessary information security measures, "www.guvenvillas.com.tr

GÜVEN VILLAS will not have any responsibility in the event that confidential information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the "www.guvenvillas.com.tr" site and the system. It may link to other sites within the GÜVEN VILLAS site.

GÜVEN VILLAS does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed via the link. GÜVEN VILLAS detects and uses the IP addresses of users when necessary. IP addresses,

It can also be used to identify users in a general way and to gather comprehensive demographic information.

GÜVEN VILLAS can obtain information about users and users' use of "www.guvenvillas.com.tr" site by using a technical communication file (Cookie). However,

users can change their browser settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or a warning is given when the technical communication file is sent.


1) The roads leading to the Villa/Apartment are broken, too inclined, stabilized, wet ground etc.

GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for transportation problems such as transportation problems and the consequences that may arise from it.

2) If the different materials used in the construction of some villas (cedar wood, pine wood, some plastic products, etc.), all kinds of plants in the garden or inside the villa, affect the customer in terms of health,

GUVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible.

3) It is the customer's own responsibility to reach the villa/apartment. GUVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible.

4) GUVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible if the customer who has rented a villa or apartment is dissatisfied with the geographical location of the rented villa or apartment. GUVEN VILLAS, has marked the location of the villa/apartment approximate on Google Map.

5) GUVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for any damage to your private or rented vehicle for any reason during transportation to the Villa/Apartment.

6) The bottom of the vehicle (engine, automobile, etc.) of the customer who has rented the Villa/Apartment is close to the ground, Any negativity that may arise due to the weak engine power of the vehicle, the driving ability of the customer and accordingly the inability to reach the villa/apartment is the customer's own responsibility.

7) The "distance table" specified on the "www.guvenvillas.com.tr" detail page about Villa/Apart is written approximately. The customer who rents the Villa/Apartment agrees to take this into account.

8) All of the villas have a hot water tank of approximately 160 liters heated by solar energy. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the problems caused by the customer's lack of hot water due to excessive consumption of hot water other than fair use.

9) Unless otherwise stated, there is no food, beverage or any food product in our villas/apartments.

10) GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for network problems such as no mobile phone signal reception, low reception, internet speed in Villas/Apartments. Call your GSM operator and You can get detailed information about the GSM signal status in the region you are going to.

11) The Villas/Apartments we have specified on our website are exactly the same, and GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the differences in the display of your communication device.

12) The customer; bee, scorpion, insect, snake bite, cat, dog bite and etc. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the events.

13) Inside the Villa/Apartment or in the pool garden or pool terrace, ants, insects, etc., due to any foodstuffs and uncleaned waste. The customer is personally responsible for the collection, and GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for this situation.

14) In the swimming pool of the villa/apartment, chlorine, chemicals etc. used for cleaning and maintenance. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions that may occur from substances.

15) All kinds of cattle and small cattle breeding can be done around the rented villa/apartment. All kinds of fertilizers can be used in the garden of the rented villa/apartment or in the neighboring gardens. GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for the annoying animal sounds and bad smells that may arise from these and similar situations. Connection

16) It is recommended to take out travel insurance through an insurance agency against the negative events that the customer may experience during his trip. Houses are covered by the general insurance (earthquake, theft, fire, etc.), but the people covered by this insurance are not covered.

Therefore, in any case, the insurance will not compensate you for your damages. Our hosts or GÜVEN VILLAS cannot be held responsible for personal damages due to lack of insurance.


Fethiye Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues covered by this contract.



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