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Güven Villas is a corporate company that allows you to rent and sell villas. You can create a demand instantly by deciding which region to choose a villa from.

You can get impressive results in Calis rental villa options. We meet the expectations with accommodation areas that will satisfy those who want to rent a private holiday villa. You can rent the villas, which are classified in terms of number of people and service features, for daily, weekly and longer periods.

Where is Calis?

Muğla, Fethiye Calis Region, which is close to Calis Beach, is one of the most beautiful areas for holidaymakers and those who want to rent villas. The location around Calis Beach coincides with the western entrance of Fethiye and is 7 km away from the center. Since it is a popular touristic region, you can spend your holiday perfectly by renting a villa with a pool from this region. It may be good for you to have many touristic places in the area close to the villa location.

Calis Villa Types with Pool

When you want to choose among the types of villas for rent in Calis, you can get consultancy from our team for villa reviews.

1-) Villa Ripple

Villa Ripple types are villas suitable for use for 2 people. They are extremely stylish villas with 1 bedroom and one bathroom features as well as a pool. For those who want to rent small-scale villas, you can definitely consider this option. We are waiting for your applications to Güven Villas for Villa Ripple, which is built in a way that is not visible from the outside.

2-) Villa Beach Bungalow

When you want a larger pool villa in terms of number of people and villa size, you can use the Villa Beach Bungalow option. This villa type for 4 people, 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms is suitable for use for two families. It can be a very suitable place to rent a villa with a pool and a private garden.

3-) Villa Agila

You can rent a holiday villa with a large pool with Villa Agila, which has a crowded use feature among the types of rental villas in Calis. Since the villa is planned to accommodate 8 people, it brings together many couples or families with children. You can rent this villa with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms as much as you want.

4-) Villa Infinity Star

Our customers who want to rent Villa Infinity Star can evaluate the usage options for 8 or 10 people. You can always evaluate this option, which is ideal for renting a multi-storey villa with a pool, and enjoy the comfort.

Calis Villa Rental Prices 2024

For villa rental prices, it is important which villa type and how much you want to rent. In terms of daily price range, you can use 1000 TL-6000 TL options. The daily rental amount varies according to the number of people, and details such as villa features and additional services can also be decisive. There may be some changes in prices when renting 10 people or more.

Güven Villas follows the current market criteria as it provides contracted villa rental services. It aims at the highest levels of accommodation quality by providing rental villa services in accordance with the conditions of the sector. You can make unforgettable memories by renting well-kept and luxurious looking villas.

Tiny House Rentals

Tiny house villas with wooden look are frequently preferred with their features that have left their mark on recent periods. Tiny house villas, which are quite impressive in terms of their architectural features, are frequently preferred by couples on their honeymoon. For a privileged villa comfort in your own space, you can get more information about tiny house varieties.

Luxury Villa Rental with Jacuzzi

Those who want to spend their holiday with more pool privileges can rent a villa with a jacuzzi. You can deeply feel the privilege of a private pool villa with a jacuzzi. Private jacuzzis with massage effect will provide you with an unforgettable holiday pleasure. You can always create your Fethiye Calis villa rental requests for 365 days.

Sea View Villas

For those who want an unforgettable holiday accompanied by a sea view, you can choose Güven Villas services. Fethiye's unique nature will accompany you during the private villa rental process. We are waiting for instant applications for our villas, where you will also find the opportunity to explore before renting.

Pet Villas

Pet villas are an extremely advantageous service for those who want to bring their pets on vacation. You can continue your holiday with your pets in your own area and provide them with safe shelter. It is possible to get results by consulting our team at the point where pet permission is given in which villas.

Luxury Apartment For Rent

A service that comes to mind when it comes to villa rental options is rental apartments. If you are going on holiday with many people, you can rent an apartment in the comfort of a villa. With 10 or more private apartments, many families or groups of friends can vacation at the same time.

Collective business trips, families with children, more than one couple who got married and want to honeymoon together can rent an apartment. In terms of usage area, your search for a luxury holiday will be much better thanks to renting an apart villa.

Villa Rental Advantages

Renting houses with pools has different advantages depending on the needs. As Güven Villas, we focus on getting the best results in terms of the rental process.

1-) Vacation in Luxury Design

When you plan to have a holiday by renting a villa, you will also have environments that enrich the eye and soul. It will give you pleasure to get more than your usual environment during the rental period. Luxurious design villas, which allow you to get away from stress more easily, are presented with a specially prepared project.

The luxury villa environment is meticulously created by architects in graphic environments. We are trying to add more features to our new projects in order to provide the best accommodation service.

2-) Hygienic Appropriate Environment

When you get villa rental service, a hygienic environment will be waiting for you. Rental villas, which are periodically disinfected after the corona virus epidemic, provide you with a safe service. Internal and external parts are cleaned regularly and precautions are taken against harmful insects. Thanks to the agreement we made with the pesticide companies, we stop the occurrences that may disturb the people who will be accommodated.

3-) More Than Home Comfort

Renting a villa is one of the best solutions to experience the comfort of home and holiday together. In addition to the free movement space, the pleasure of temporarily changing your living space will be extremely effective. Villa comfort will give you a better feeling than when you are at home. With the relaxation of being on vacation, you can find the peace you are looking for in the new rental villa area.

4-) Photographing Unforgettable Landscapes

When you come to your rental villa, unforgettable views will be waiting for you. You can find the opportunity to make a nice social media sharing by taking landscape photos in the light angles you want. Visually pleasing natural landscapes can give a very effective look from the villas you rent or buy.

Fulfilling your photography hobby in holiday resorts will become much more enjoyable. Thanks to Fethiye's famous sea and forest scenery, your photo list can become perfect. You can increase the pleasure of the villa by photographing the creatures special to the region.

5-) A Good Start for Honeymooners

Recently, it is very popular to spend a honeymoon by renting a villa... As Güven Villas, we offer a special honeymoon for newly married couples who are renewing their marriage. You will have an effective holiday thanks to a comfortable space that does not look like your own home on your honeymoon.

You can experience villas with jacuzzis, private pool sections and more on your honeymoon. You can enjoy making a good start thanks to the items that allow you to spend your honeymoon in the most beautiful way.

6-) Psychological Relief

With rental villas, you will have the opportunity to relax psychologically. The psychology of taking a vacation is a comforting thought in itself. Moreover, if you complete this with villa comfort and visual pleasure, it can be even more effective. Decorative villas that appeal to the eye and soul will help you feel renewed.

After stressful periods at your workplace, you can return completely relaxed during a two-week vacation. By moving to the new environment, you will enjoy the pleasure of deserving comfort and getting away from stress. Renting a villa may seem like therapy to you with its nerve-refreshing effect.

7-) Possibility of Entering the Comfortable Pool

Villas with private pools will provide the opportunity to enter the pool in a comfortable area. You can swim easily in the pools designed as closed according to the property of the rented villa. Details such as pool cleaning are always considered and hygienic areas are provided.

If you do not want crowded environments when entering the pool, the comfort of the villa will be good for you. You can enjoy the pool in your own private area, protected and safe.

8-) Pluses in Garden Use

In terms of garden features, you can enjoy the advantages of the villa to the fullest. By renting a villa with a large garden, you can also set up a children's entertainment area. If you rent a villa with pet permission, they can spend time freely running in the garden. Barbecue etc for your own entertainment. will have the opportunity.

How to Rent a Villa?

You can apply to Güven Villas to get preliminary information to decide on villa rental. We help you get the best results at all stages throughout the process of Calis rental villa.

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