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Where is Kaputaş Beach, How to Get There, Is There an Entrance Fee?

Genel - Where is Kaputaş Beach, How to Get There, Is There an Entrance Fee?
21 July 2023
Where is Kaputaş Beach, How to Get There, Is There an Entrance Fee?

Kaputaş Beach, which is the pearl of the Mediterranean and is among the international untouched natural wonders, is a frequent destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Where is Kaputas Beach? Kaputaş Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in our country, is a valley front beach and the bottom of the beach is stony, the water is warm and wavy. Along with the beach Patara, it is one of the internationally recognized high beaches of our Antalya province. This is due to the fact that the beach looks extremely massive. Kaputaş Beach is a place whose entrance is the mouth of the valley. The beach was formed due to the underground waters coming from the upper valley floor, passing through the valley starting point and reaching the sea. For this reason, the minerals in the coastal water make the beach take on the turquoise color.

Unknown About Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş has turquoise and warm water and contains a high amount of cartified carbonate simply lime. In addition to these, the percolation of water prevents the sea from being filled with mud and sediment. In addition, since the beach water comes from the valley, it is much colder than other Antalya beaches. Since the entrance is the mouth of the valley, the beach is not very wide. For this reason, the density on the beach is much higher during the summer months.

Apart from this, the beach is reached by stairs consisting of approximately 187 steps. The reason why the beach has a flowing structure in general is that the waves hitting the sides of the valley change the water flow. As a result of the winds entering the valley, the water on the beach is usually not stagnant except in the morning hours. Therefore, for those who like swimming more than sunbathing, this place is not considered a pool.

Since Kaputaş Beach has a stony sea floor, those who prefer this place are recommended to wear sea shoes. The fact that the sea floor is stony also provides some advantages. In this way, only a few meters away from the shore is enough to start a much more colorful marine life. Thanks to a simple sea mask, the beach will be the right choice to see the beauties of the sea.

Where is Kaputas Beach?

Kaputaş Beach is one of the most beautiful and private beaches in Turkey, which is a rich country with holiday resorts. The beach, which has many local and foreign visitors every year, is located on the Antalya-Fethiye main road. At the same time, the beach, which is between Kaş and Kalkan coastal road, is 20 km away from Kaş. Beach Kalkan2a is approximately 7 km away.

After being greeted with the unique view of Kaputaş beach, it is necessary to go down 187 steps starting from the highway to get down to the beach. The interest to the beach, which is approximately 960 km between Istanbul and Kas, is always much more intense. Kaputaş Beach, located on the Mediterranean coast, is within the provincial border of Antalya and is a much more popular place, especially in recent years. The reason why this is the most beautiful place is the exquisite colors of the sea.

But one of the reasons why the beach is so popular is the establishment of a facility by the Municipality. With the arrival of the facility, the beach is among the first choices for domestic and foreign tourists to have a much more enjoyable time. The municipality's management of the beach with much more affordable prices and keeping it as a public beach cause its interest to increase day by day.

How to go to Kaputaş Beach?

Kaputaş Beach, located on the Kaş-Kalkan road, attracts everyone's attention with its beauty. The easiest way to reach the beach, which is 20 km away from Kaş, is to take the minibuses moving from Kaş center to Kalkan. It will be possible to reach Kalkan in a short time with the same minibuses at the time of return. Thus, the parking problem is also eliminated. Although the beach is technically in Antalya, it is closer to Fethiye. For this reason, many visitors can reach the beach more easily with a 1-hour car journey via Fethiye.

Although the distance to the center of Antalya is twice this distance, the journey time is approximately 3 hours due to the fact that the road is quite winding. For this reason, it is necessary to be more careful and prepared when making accommodation and visit plans. The closest airport to Kalkan and Kaş is Dalaman Airport, and it takes approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours to reach Kaş by car, and 1 and a half hours to Kalkan. In addition, transportation is provided for those who prefer Antalya Airport.

In case of coming via Muğla with a private vehicle, the Antalya-Fethiye road should be used. If you come via Antalya, it is possible to reach Kaputaş beach, 18 km away, after passing the center of Kemer, Finike, Demre and Kaş. Every half hour, a minibus leaves from Kaş to the beach. It takes 40 minutes to reach the beach. You can get on the minibus from the center of Kas. Finally, there are some Kas Boat Tours departing from Kas to the beach. However, a boat tour reservation is required. Although access to the beach seems easy, it is extremely difficult and tiring.

Is Kaputaş Beach Entrance Fee?

Kaputaş Beach is one of the most important holiday centers in our country with its turquoise shallow waters and natural beauties. Kaputaş Beach entrance fee, which is located in Kaş, Antalya, is not available for 2023. In short, there are no entrance fees to the beach and it is absolutely free. Sunbed rental fees on the beach are around 50 TL, and it is possible to rent an umbrella for 50 TL in the same way.

In addition to these, Çakıl Beach, which is located near the beach, is a destination that can be visited together with Kaputaş Beach. It is recommended to go early in the morning as it is a much busier beach. It is possible for everyone to bring their own umbrella into the beach. In addition, the use of showers on the beach is free of charge. The blue flag Kaputaş Beach is operated by Kaş Municipality. Therefore, there is no entrance fee and there is a cafe-restaurant operated by the Municipality.

It is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds on demand from the facility, which offers drinks and light snacks at much more affordable prices. If you do not bring your own umbrella, it will be much more difficult to enjoy the beach for a long time in the Mediterranean heat. Kaputaş Beach always fascinates people with its deep blue sea and branch beauties, and hosts a large number of guests every year.


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