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Where is Calis Beach and how to get there? Calis Beach Features

Genel - Where is Calis Beach and how to get there? Calis Beach Features
13 October 2023
Where is Calis Beach and how to get there? Calis Beach Features

Calis Beach, one of the longest beaches in Fethiye, attracts more tourists every year with its 4-kilometer length. The beach, which allows you to spend time and have fun in nature, is one of the exceptional places visited by Caretta Caretta turtles. At certain times of the year, these turtles come to Calis Beach to lay their eggs.

To go to Calis beach, you first need to go to Fethiye. You can go to Fethiye both by road and by air. If you are coming by road, you can reach the beach by passing through Aydın via Izmir, then following Muğla and then the Fethiye-Göcek route. You can also reach this beach, which is approximately 7 kilometers away from Fethiye, by cars departing from Fethiye.

If you want to come by air, your first stop will be Dalaman Airport. You can go to Çalış beach from the airport by taxi or by public transportation to Fethiye, which leaves every hour.

What are the Features of Calis Beach?

Calis Beach is a place that attracts the attention of tourists with its features. The 4 kilometer long coastline is one of the biggest features of this beach. This way, no matter how crowded the beach is, you won't have difficulty finding a place for yourself.

In addition to its view and beautiful sea, its other remarkable features include being surrounded by nature and hosting Caretta Caretta turtles. Caretta Caretta turtles visit this beach between April and November.

The region, which also has a nature park with a variety of birds, fascinates nature fans. There are 214 types of birds in this region, called Şat cape. You can also do windsurfing and kiting with the breezy air that helps you breathe in the summer months. There is even a school and cafeteria on this beach that provide information on this subject. The beach, which contains many pubs, bars and nightclubs, brings entertainment to you.

Daily trips and tours are organized for people who want to see places other than Calis beach. There are many touristic and historical places around Fethiye.

Is Calis Beach Paid?

Calis beach, which is a public beach, is free. However, a certain fee is paid for umbrellas or sunbeds. This fee varies seasonally. People who do not want to rent sun loungers or umbrellas can bring their own sun loungers and umbrellas with them. In this way, they can benefit from the beach without paying any fee. To the question of whether Calis beach is paid, we can answer no.

There are cafes and restaurants around the beach. For this reason, foreign and domestic tourists meet their drinking and eating needs thanks to these areas. There are also many kiosks to meet various needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calis Beach

Calis beach, located in the heart of nature, is home to endangered Caretta Caretta turtles. This beach, with many bays, welcomes holidaymakers starting from April. After the busy and crowded summer season, holidaymakers continue to visit until October. Especially people who love water sports and surfing visit Çalış beach and engage in these sports. Those who want to enjoy their holiday in nature can go to Calis beach and spend time in nature. In addition, the bars and nightclubs around the beach also offer people the opportunity to have fun.

Çalış beach, located in the Southern Aegean, hosts many foreign and domestic tourists every year. People who enjoy vacation have a pleasant time in nature. People who want to stay near Calis beach can stay in bungalow hostels or hotels along the beach. Also, access to the beach is very easy. A certain amount of money is paid only for sun loungers and umbrellas. Additionally, people who want to buy tourist items or souvenirs can go to the shopping centers in the surrounding area. There are cafes, restaurants and shops selling tourist goods along the beach.

Calis Beach Camping Areas

Calis beach is one of the most preferred spots for people who do not want to stay in a hostel or hotel and want to relax with their own tent. There are many camping areas around the beach where you can stay with pleasure and safety. Camping areas have everything you may need, such as barbecue equipment, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The camping areas, where you can rent a tent when you do not bring a tent with you, also have a market, common seating areas, wi-fi and electric cable.

Camping areas, which generally operate by appointment, also have the option of setting up tents in suitable areas determined by the operator.

Calis Beach Entrance Fee and Hours

Calis beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country with its untouched nature and clean waters, attracts many people thanks to these features. People who want to benefit from this natural beauty are doing research on Çalış beach entrance fees.

There is no fee to enter Çalış beach, one of the public beaches of Fethiye. It is necessary to rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for a certain fee. Umbrella and sunbed fees vary during the season. However, since it is a public beach, very high fees are not charged. A wide range of services are provided during the day, from morning hours to evening sunsets.

Even though the entrance to the beach is free, it can be crowded, but there is always the opportunity to find a place. As we said, Çalış beach, one of the largest beaches, offers free holiday and sea opportunities to thousands of people every day.

Places to Visit near Calis Beach

As we know, Çalış beach is located in Fethiye district. There are many places to visit and see in Fethiye district. Located 10 minutes away from the center of the town, there are many places to visit around the beach, untouched beauties, ancient cities that have survived from history to this day, valleys, beaches and canyons. After spending time in Calis, you can find many alternatives to spend the rest of the day. If we were to make a list of places to visit near Çalış beach;

1. Saklıkent National Park

2. Ölüdeniz

3. Green Valley

4. Butterfly Valley

5. Tlos Ancient City

6. Knight Island

7. Sultan Aqua City Entertainment Center

These places we have listed are within the Fethiye district and very close to Çalış beach. It would be a great loss to come to Fethiye and not see these places. It is very easy to reach these touristic places. Anyone can easily reach these places with their private car or by bus departing from Fethiye. The touristic places near Çalış beach are also listed in this way.


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