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Where and How to Get to Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

Genel - Where and How to Get to Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?
13 October 2023
Where and How to Get to Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

Saklıkent canyon is located in Fethiye, one of the most densely populated regions of Muğla. Therefore, it is very easy to reach. Saklıkent Canyon is located in a location that can be reached both by private vehicle and by air.

After arriving in Muğla with your private vehicle, you should follow the signs for Fethiye. Then, when you arrive in Fethiye, you can reach Saklıkent Canyon in 5 minutes with the help of navigation from this point. If you wish, you can easily reach Saklıkent via the signs on the roads.

People who want to come to this canyon by public transportation can reach Fethiye by taking buses or minibuses from the center of Muğla to Fethiye. From here, you can also reach Saklıkent by minibus.

How much is Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon Entrance Fee?

Entrance to Saklıkent Canyon, located in the national parks, is paid. It is not possible to enter the canyon with a museum card. Saklıkent Canyon entrance fees for students and adults vary. If you are coming with your private vehicle, you should know that parking lots are paid.

You can enter the canyon by making your payment at the box office and crossing the wooden bridge. Scaffolds that are walked in single file are very safe and durable. You can see that the river flowing under the pier is quite clear and clean. By continuing to walk along the pier, you can reach the area where there is a small cafe. This area is the entrance to the canyon. Some visitors cross the road from here and continue walking in the canyon. However, we can say that the water is quite cold and it is dangerous to proceed in the canyon without a guide.

What activities are carried out in Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

After leaving the canyon, you can sit in the restaurants located on the river and relieve your tiredness. In these regions, mostly trout or pancake-style appetizers are offered to customers. Saklıkent is famous for its establishments that also offer breakfast options.

Another activity option you can do in Saklıkent Canyon is rafting. There are many businesses in the canyon where you can buy rafting equipment. You can find many different activities in the canyon. At the entrance of the parking lot, you can shop from the stalls built by local people. Local products and souvenirs are sold at these stalls.

One of the most exciting rafting courses in Turkey is located in Saklıkent. For rafting lovers, there are 3 different rafting tracks in Saklıkent. Farting is done with the help of professional guides on trails lasting 45 minutes, 1.5 hours or 3 hours. Everyone who participates in the rafting event is then taken to a mud bath.

Bungee jumping, zipline and an evening walk to witness the sunset, called sunset tour, are among the most preferred activities in the region. There are two different walking routes for people who enjoy nature walks and trekking.

The 16-kilometer-long trekking track has many artifacts from ancient times. Another walking route is a 14.5 kilometer long path. For these activities, you can come to the canyon every day between 08.00-22.00. During winter periods, the national park accepts visitors between 09.30-17.30. It will be useful for you to buy rubber shoes to walk comfortably in the canyon.

How was Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon Discovered?

The discovery of Saklıkent Canyon does not date back to ancient times. Discovered in 1989 after a shepherd kidnapped his animals, this canyon was discovered and after examination, traces of life dating back 3 thousand years were found. There are a total of 16 caves in the canyon. In 1996, this region was granted national park status.

In another telling, Çoban Ekrem accidentally enters the canyon while grazing his animals, as always. He is very surprised after entering the canyon and seeing the view. After the discovery of the canyon, a bridge was built with the resources of that time, allowing entry into the canyon. He rents the canyon from the Ministry of Forestry and establishes a trout farm there. Because the canyon is mysterious, it is called Saklıkent and Saklıkent was opened in the summer of 1989.

This canyon, which was not well known at first, one day made its name known everywhere with the promotional video broadcast by TRT channel. In 1996, the canyon became a national park. Since then, Saklıkent Canyon, which has hosted thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, still maintains its popularity.

What are the Formation and Features of Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

Saklıkent is a building located on the Karaçay side, a branch of the Esen Stream. The canyon, which consists of an area with a calcareous structure, has a structure that can be easily eroded by water. A deep and steep canyon was formed on this land with fault cracks.

Stone walls rising in the canyon block the sun's rays. The stone walls that block the sun's rays with their magnificent heights are truly a wonder of nature. A stream runs through the middle of the canyon. It has been determined that people lived in the canyon from 3000 years ago, with 16 caves discovered so far.

The length of Saklıkent Canyon is exactly 16 kilometers. The canyon is located at an altitude of 1000-1100 meters above sea level. The height of the stone walls is between 200 and 600 meters. The distance between the rocks reaches 2 meters in some areas.

There is a sulfur water source at the entrance of the canyon. There is a hot spring in this part. The waters of this hot spring have a healing effect on skin disorders. There are rest areas and cafes in the canyon. The canyon, which has a total length of 18 kilometers, offers an environment that is impossible to walk except for professionals.

How Should We Dress When Going to Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon?

The most important accessories you need to take with you when going to Saklıkent Canyon are rubber shoes or sea shoes, a waterproof bag and a waterproof suit. A waterproof bag is very important to protect your mobile phone, wallet and camera. You will need waterproof cases for mobile phones here.

It would be good for you to take a towel and spare clothes against getting wet. There may be situations where you need to carry your bag over your head as the water exceeds waist level in some parts of the canyon. When preparing your bag, you should be careful not to take heavy items.

When to Go to Saklıkent Canyon?

The best time to visit Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon is summer. The high temperature in July and August makes people who are tired of the heat prefer the canyon. It becomes difficult to move in the canyon due to the high number of visitors on weekends and public holidays. The canyon is quieter in the spring months and on weekdays.

If we were to answer the question of when to go to Saklıkent Canyon, we can say summer or spring.


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