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The Story of Fethiye Kayaköy and Places to Visit

Genel - The Story of Fethiye Kayaköy and Places to Visit
10 November 2023
The Story of Fethiye Kayaköy and Places to Visit

Fethiye Kayaköy is a village located in the southwest of Turkey, in the province of Muğla, and stands out with its historical texture. This region is located on the site of the ancient city of Karmilassos and has hosted various civilizations throughout history.

However, the most striking feature of Kayaköy is that this historical village, which was abandoned during the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923, is today known as a ghost village. Kayaköy attracts its visitors with its untouched historical texture, stone houses and fascinating atmosphere. Additionally, this region hosts many attractions for history and culture enthusiasts.

Historical Origins of Fethiye Kayaköy

This village was formed as a result of the changes in settlements in Anatolia in the 19th century. As a result of the population exchange with Greece in 1923, it was abandoned and became a ruin.

Kayaköy Village was founded by Greeks during the Ottoman Empire. The village was originally known as Karmylassos. Although the exact date of foundation of Kayaköy is not known, based on the historical ruins and research in the region, it dates back to B.C. It is thought to date back to 3000 BC.

Kayaköy has been under the influence of different civilizations and developed over time. The region, which was used by the Lycians in ancient times, was later used as a settlement during the Byzantines and Seljuks periods. It was further developed by the Greeks who settled in the region in the 19th century. During this period, Kayaköy came to the fore with its agricultural and animal husbandry activities.

Why was Karaköy abandoned?

After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, a population exchange took place between the Turkish and Greek governments. During this exchange, the Greek population living in Kayaköy and its surroundings had to go to Greece. During this period, Kayaköy became abandoned. The village, once home to a vibrant and impressive community, has become an empty and desolate ghost village.

As a result of these historical events, Kayaköy still has an empty and abandoned appearance today. Stone houses and churches still stand, but have been largely dilapidated due to the influence of time and the recovery of nature. Kayaköy has been included in the "World Heritage Tentative List" by UNESCO and efforts to preserve its historical texture continue.

Kayaköy offers visitors an experience full of history and culture. While wandering the narrow streets of this abandoned village, it is possible to think about the ghosts of the past and understand this dramatic story. Additionally, since Kayaköy is surrounded by magnificent natural beauties, it is a popular visiting point for tourists.

Historical Monuments to Visit in Kayaköy

There are many historical monuments to visit in Kayaköy, which creates a great attraction for those who want to visit the village.

Kayaköy Church

Kayaköy Church is one of the most important historical monuments of the village. This church, built in the 17th century, contains many features from the Byzantine period. The church, which attracts attention with its magnificent structure and interior decorated with frescoes, offers a fascinating experience to its visitors.

Kayaköy Museum

Kayaköy Museum is a museum that tells the history and culture of the village. Thanks to the exhibitions inside, visitors can discover the old life of the village and important events from the past. The museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of Kayaköy.

Kayaköy Greek Houses

Other historical monuments you can see while visiting Kayaköy are the houses where Greeks lived. These houses offer beautiful examples of traditional Greek architecture. These houses, which stand out with their stone structures and various details, offer a historical atmosphere to visitors.

Gemile Bay

Gemile Bay is especially famous for its historical ruins and natural beauties. Located here, St. Nicholas Island (Gemile Island) contains ruins from ancient times and churches from the Byzantine period. At the same time, the turquoise sea and sandy beaches of Gemile Bay also attract visitors.

Gemile Bay and its surroundings are a popular destination for holidaymakers and nature lovers. It hosts many activities such as beaches, sea sports, nature walks and historical ruins. Many holiday villages and hotels in the Fethiye region serve Gemile Bay and its surroundings.

Soguksu Bay

Soguksu Bay is one of the beautiful natural bays around Kayaköy. As the name suggests, the water of this bay is generally cool and clean. Soguksu Bay offers a beautiful sea, sand and sun experience for holidaymakers. Like many bays in the Fethiye region, Soğuksu Bay is an ideal place for activities such as sea sports, swimming and sunbathing.

Soguksu Bay and its surroundings are an attractive option for those who want to explore one of Fethiye's natural beauties and coastal areas. Holidaymakers often take day trips here or use it to explore the surrounding villages. To get more information about this bay and its surroundings or to find out about accommodation options, it will be useful to contact local tourism offices or local guides.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a famous natural beauty located near Kayaköy in Fethiye district. Butterfly Valley is famous for its natural beauty, rivers and water pools in the valley, high cliffs and surrounding forest areas. However, the most well-known feature of this valley is the presence of thousands of butterfly species during the summer months. For this reason, it took its name from the valley.

There are great opportunities for walking paths and nature activities in the surrounding area. You can walk in the valley, swim in natural pools, climb or just enjoy nature. At the same time, restaurants and camping areas in the valley offer services to visitors.

Nature Walks in Kayaköy and Surroundings

Kayaköy and its surroundings are a region famous for its natural beauty. One of the most enjoyable activities you can do in this region is nature walks. While walking, you can both freshen your breath and relieve the stress of the day by integrating with the environment. There are different nature walking routes in Kayaköy and its surroundings.

It allows you to discover the historical ruins and natural beauties of Kayaköy together. On this route, you can feel the old-time atmosphere of Kayaköy by passing through historical houses. At the same time, this route, surrounded by natural olive groves and pine forests, offers views that will shake your memory.

The second hiking route takes you to Saklıkent Canyon. This impressive canyon attracts the attention of thousands of tourists every year with its natural beauty. During the walk, you can see plateaus, ponds and waterfalls. You can also cool off and enjoy nature in Saklıkent Canyon.

Other nature walks in and around Kayaköy include options such as the Rock Tombs Route, Af Tower Walk and Kıdrak Bay Walk. On these routes, you can explore historical buildings, olive groves and beaches. You can try nature walks in Kayaköy and its surroundings to see the beauties offered by nature closely and to create unforgettable memories by breathing the historical atmosphere.


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