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Greenery Paradise Fethiye Yanıklar Village

Genel - Greenery Paradise Fethiye Yanıklar Village
13 October 2023
Greenery Paradise Fethiye Yanıklar Village

Fethiye, one of the regions of Turkey with magnificent natural beauties, hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. It offers a unique holiday opportunity with its semi-tropical vegetation, various historical ruins and rich forests. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about summer holidays is the sea, which reveals another attractive aspect of Fethiye. With its clean and clear seas, the bottom of which is visible even in the deepest places, Fethiye is one of the most suitable regions for holidays, especially in the summer months.

There are many places to visit and natural beauties to see in Fethiye. One of these is Yanıklar Village, located on the border of Muğla and Fethiye. The difference between this village and other holiday resorts in Fethiye is that it offers a calmer and quieter holiday opportunity. The movement and fast life that holiday destinations promise are not available in the said region. The prominent feature of Yanıklar Village is that it is intertwined with nature. Fethiye Yanıklar Village is ideal for those who want a peaceful holiday accompanied by natural beauty.

Green Heaven Yanıklar Village

Yanıklar Village, located on the border between Muğla and Fethiye, is a region that stands out with its greenery. There are many larch, red pine, cedar, oak and shrubs in this village. Yanıklar Village is also known for its sweetgum forests. Frankincense trees, which are among the endemic plants of the Aegean and Mediterranean, have a different structure than other trees of the same species. For this reason, it is not like other sweetgum trees in the world. The flowers of these sweetgum trees turn red and turn into cones when ripe.

Yanıklar Village with its Natural Nature

One of the striking aspects of Yanıklar Village is that it has extremely clear waters. Karga Stream passes through this village. There are also two lakes in the region, named Akgöl and Katlıç Lake. These waters are home to many living creatures. Turtle, fish and water snake are just a few of them. Although water snakes scare some tourists, their non-poisonous nature and small size make them harmless. Since there are no harmful animals in the area, it is unlikely to experience any problems.

Camping Area in Nature

Yanıklar Village, which has natural beauties, also has camping areas. There are some businesses that serve food, tea and cold drinks in areas suitable for camping. Campers can also go to the neighborhoods of the village to meet their needs. There are some rules that people who will go camping should know. In order to preserve the natural beauty, picnics and barbecues are prohibited in the area. Yanıklar Village is a good place for camping if these rules are followed.

Easy Access to Yanıklar Village

Yanıklar Village, which is connected to Fethiye, is located in the north of the district. The distance between Fethiye Yanıklar Village is around 14 to 15 km. The closest points to the village are Göcek, İnlice and Kargı District. Since the village is far from the town center, it may be difficult to find public transportation. However, it is possible to reach the village by bicycle, car and motorbike. This is due to the smoothness of the road leading to the village. Walking from Fethiye to the village takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Green Valley Nature Park with its Unique Views

When Yanıklar Village is mentioned, the first place that comes to mind is Yeşil Vadi Nature Park. Green Valley, identified with the region, is a unique natural wonder. The region, with every shade of greenery, offers a unique experience, especially for those who love camping. The view created by the water resources passing through the region combined with the greenery is worth seeing. Yanıklar Village Green Valley, which is a must-visit for tourists who want to have a quiet and peaceful holiday accompanied by natural beauties, offers a special experience.

One of the reasons why Green Valley is special is that it is home to many plant and animal species. The tea flowing through the region helps increase the diversity of living things. For this reason, being in the region discharges the person. Even people who do not prefer camping are recommended to visit the area and spend a few hours. People who visit the region should definitely stop by and taste the mulberry trees located there.

Yanıklar Stream with its Cool Waters

One of the questions asked by people who visit Yanıklar Village in the summer is whether there is water to swim in. Yanıklar Stream is the kind that will cool people who visit the region. It is the ideal place for those who want to soak in cool waters in the summer heat. Spending time walking or swimming in natural pools provides a cool experience. There are also canoe rental services in the area. In this way, it is possible to enjoy the natural beauty by renting a canoe and traveling on the stream.

Easy Access to Green Valley

Yeşil Vadi, which is 20 kilometers away from the center of Fethiye, is very easy to reach. You can reach the stream by turning right from the sign at the exit of Yanıklar Village. Then, you can reach the facility by proceeding along the stream. It is possible to reach Green Valley in about half an hour. Since the road deteriorates after a certain part, it is very important to pay attention to this while driving. Those who will travel with a personal vehicle should be careful along the way.

Another way to go to Green Valley is to take minibuses departing from Fethiye center. These minibuses proceed to the junction. Then you have to walk to the facility. It is very important for those who will travel by minibus to learn the route well. The other option is to hitchhike from the crossroads.

Katrancı Bay Nature Park Covered with Trees

Katrancı Bay Nature Park, another area of Yanıklar Village famous for its natural beauty, is a place where pine and eucalyptus trees are concentrated. There are two bays in the park area. These are divided into two for campers and daily users. There are many facilities in the camping area such as shower, toilet, laundry, refrigerator, restaurant and cafe. Please be careful as pets are not allowed in the area.

Ecological Habitat Pastoral Valley

Pastoral Valley, an ecological habitat, is also known as an ecotourism region. The valley, which is open all year round, has areas where various seminars and meditation activities are held. Yoga camps, retreats and personal development activities are frequently held in the region.

Enver Yalçın Yoruk Museum for an Authentic Breakfast

Offering the opportunity to have an authentic breakfast in Yanıklar Village, Enver Yalçın Yörük Museum has its own flavors. There are many types of tea in the region. At the same time, many flavors such as naturally made fresh katmer, yoghurt pepper and höşmerim are among the options.


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