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Frequently Asked Questions

Villa Rental Holiday - Summer Villa Rental

As Güven Villas, you can have the opportunity to have a pleasant holiday by choosing the most suitable location and villa type among the rental villa options we offer in many different holiday resorts.

With these villa holidays, which have been preferred recently as holiday opportunities have increased and people's desire to be in touch with nature, you can enjoy a sheltered and comfortable holiday with your loved ones in the comfort of your home, by relieving all the fatigue you experience during the day and throughout the year.

You can benefit from our special villa rental services for your holiday in many different locations such as Fethiye, Kalkan, Seydikemer, and you can choose the size and features of the villa according to the number of people you want to spend your holiday with.

Luxurious and comfortable villas, created specifically for your demands, are also affordable in terms of price. With our customer policy of affordable price and high quality, you can enjoy your luxury holiday at affordable prices.

All you need to do for all these is to choose the villa that is most suitable for you under the assurance of Güven Villas and to make a reservation accordingly and start your holiday that will allow you to relieve the tiredness you have had throughout the year.

Villa Rental and Villa Rental Vacation

Due to the pandemic, holiday demands in places such as hotels and hostels have decreased recently. Because even though hygiene conditions are provided by people here, common areas can cause anxiety. As a new alternative to this meaning, the option of holidaying in a rental villa, which has been around for many years, has come to the fore and the options have become more intense in this area. As Güven Villas, we offer you the highest quality and luxury villas at the most affordable prices, based on the experience we have gained for 15 years, and we do our best to provide you with hygiene, security, in short, a special holiday opportunity.

While having a villa holiday, you can have the opportunity to shape your holiday as you wish, without being dependent on food and activity hours as in a hotel. In this sense, you can have the opportunity to shape every place you want to see and every meal you want to eat in the region you are vacationing in, in line with your own choices. While you can determine your own holiday style in the comfort of your home, you can also have a holiday as you wish, without anyone in your private areas.

There are many villa categories with unique features that you can choose for your villa holidays. In this sense, there are many different options for your rental holiday villas, such as conservative villas, private pools, pet permits, honeymoon villas, and jacuzzi villas. You can create a special holiday that suits your demands with the villa categories you choose within the scope of Güven Villas.

With the villas located in nature and at the same time close to the center with the location features you can choose, you can explore the historical, cultural and social features of your location, have a healthy and safe holiday in your private areas and benefit from luxury facilities.

Things to Consider for a Villa Rental Holiday

Villa holiday is one of the holidays that stands out with its comfort. However, as in every type of holiday, there are some points to be considered during a villa holiday. In this sense, it is necessary to first research the villa to be rented and determine the reliability of the site to be rented.

As Güven Villas, we are among the most reliable villa rental sites and offer you luxury villas at affordable prices, while at the same time ensuring continuous customer satisfaction with our established system. In this sense, you can have a safe and enjoyable villa holiday by choosing us.

Secondly, one of the points to be considered is the size of the villa to be chosen, the number of rooms and bed capacity. After you determine how many people you will spend a villa holiday in and choose the right site, you should search for villas that are sufficient for you. In this sense, it is possible to say that there are villas with very large capacities, from four to 10 people.

Another issue to consider is the features of the villa. Conservative villa features may be preferred for a villa holiday with a family. In addition, couples can also choose conservative areas for such a villa holiday. According to your demands, if you have a pet, you can choose villas designed accordingly, or if you want a children's pool, you can choose villas with private pool features. Choosing the villa with the appropriate features in line with your demands will be important for your holiday to be as you wish.

In addition, the location of the villa stands out as one of the important points when choosing. In line with your expectations, if you want to have a holiday without leaving the villa, it would be right to choose locations that are more in touch with nature, while if you want to explore and tour the beauties of the area where you will spend your holiday, it would be right to choose villas located close to the city center.

Finally, it is also useful to check whether the pricing of the villa fits your budget. In this sense, as Güven Villas, we always provide services at affordable prices for our valued customers with our policies focused on quality service, luxury villas and customer satisfaction. The most affordable, reliable, diverse and high-quality villas you can choose for your holiday are on our site. By choosing these, you can focus only on your holiday.

Things to Do for a Rental Villa Holiday

While there are points you need to pay attention to when you want to have a villa holiday, there are also things you need to do before the holiday. In this sense, you should choose the villa with the appropriate features and location in line with your own wishes and demands. When choosing this villa, you should consider factors such as size. So, in general, making preparations with a plan before booking a villa holiday will help you get service without missing any point during your holiday. In this sense, the right choices you make in terms of location will make your holiday much more enjoyable than you expected.

After making such plans, what you need to do is to choose Fethiye rental villas, Kalkan etc. offered to you by Güven Villas. will be to examine the villas in the locations. You can list our villas in the area you request through the villa areas on our site, and you can see the villas with the features you request during the listing. During this villa holiday with your loved ones, you can enjoy your unforgettable holiday by choosing villas in the category that suits your demands.

After making a list and choosing the villa that is suitable for you, you can access all the details about the villa on the site. All information such as villa photos, features and availability are located here. In this sense, you can have the privilege of renting a cheap villa with us by following the price features here. Once you understand all the features, you can count your holiday as having started with the reservation you make on the site. In the meantime, you can contact our teams for anything you want to ask.

When the holiday day comes, you can enter your villa and enjoy your most comfortable holiday so far and enjoy peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Why Are Vacation Rental Villas More Preferred?

Although hotel holidays were more preferable in the past, villas offered for rent, which can be called summer houses, are now more prominent in terms of holiday. Although this is a recent change, villas used for rent have been serving their customers for a very long time. Considering why it is preferred more in this sense, it may be that the hygiene and health conditions remaining from the pandemic period are more payable in these private villas.

Because places such as pools and restaurants that are shared in hotels may cause families to worry about their health. However, such situations do not occur in villas. The reason for this is that people use their own private areas. After each guest leaves the villa, detailed cleaning is carried out in the villa, or in rental villas with private pools, the pool is disinfected in the same way, so no one else uses the pool during the guest's stay.

In addition to hygiene-related preferences, affordable pricing is one of the main reasons for the increasing number of rental villa preferences recently. For example, looking at the features of Fethiye villas, accommodation can be provided at much more affordable prices than hotels in Fethiye. Because while a per-person price tariff is applied in hotels, a villa-specific tariff is applied in villas. In this sense, whether you want 4 people or 10 people, the same price is applied.

The recent increase in people's desire to spend time in touch with nature can be considered as one of the factors that cause the increase in the use of villas for rent. We, who are constantly exposed to human crowds and reinforced concrete structures in the city, prefer to spend our holidays in quieter places closer to nature. In this sense, these needs can be met with villas offered for rent, which can be used during summer holidays.

Affordable and Cheap Villa Rental Prices

Villas are generally known as luxury buildings. In this context, considering the features and pricing, holidaymakers also think that the prices of villa holidays will be high. In fact, villa holidays are offered at much more affordable prices compared to holiday types such as hotels and hostels. Because the prices here are valid per villa. An increase or decrease in the number of people does not affect the price of the villa holiday. In addition, as Güven Villas, we always stand out with our affordable villa rental services, and we offer you the opportunity to have a pleasant holiday by taking advantage of this feature.

In addition to all this, you should also know that villa prices vary depending on their features. In this sense, daily rental villa pricing and weekly rental pricing will not be the same. By paying attention to these features, you can rent through our site in a safe and healthy way. If you pay attention to these features, you will be able to have affordable holidays.

You can also change the features of the villa within the scope of pricing during the villa holidays you choose. In this sense, if you prefer a rental villa with a pool and this puts a strain on your budget, you can give up the jacuzzi feature for more affordable prices. If you make a choice in this sense, you will not miss the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones and you will have the opportunity to have a pleasant and luxurious holiday according to your budget.

In addition, if the price is suitable for you, you can make your holiday more comfortable by adding villas with extra features. In this sense, it is worth noting that no matter how high the features of the villa are, you can have the opportunity to have a more affordable holiday with Güven Villas compared to other sites. In this sense, you can get one step closer to the best holiday in your life by choosing the villas that are suitable for you on our website.

Why Should You Vacation in a Rental Villa?

When it comes to villa holidays, you have many advantages for choosing this type of holiday. Considering these advantages, you can have the opportunity to live the most beautiful holiday you want with your loved ones. By choosing a peaceful and nature-filled holiday, you can stay in your villa with special facilities and realize your dream holiday.

In this sense, considering why it is preferred, it can be said that it offers features in touch with nature. Even though there are villas located close to the city center, villas located entirely in nature are chosen because they are not visible in other areas, for example, in conservative villa rental services. This is one of the best spots for holidaymakers who live in the city and are tired of the crowds.

In addition, hygiene is one of the prominent issues. You can achieve hygiene with the villa area that is special for you only during your holiday with your loved ones or individually. No one else will be on the villa holiday to swim in the pool or use the dinner plates with you. In this sense, it can be very difficult to comply with such hygiene rules in hotels. By choosing this, you can have a holiday in a healthy and hygienic environment.

In terms of price, accommodation can be provided at much more affordable prices than hotels. In this sense, if we consider the couples who have already gone through a busy wedding program, holidaying with suitable honeymoon villas can be preferred in terms of price, holidays that will not cause fatigue and have luxurious features.

Finally, considering why a villa holiday should be chosen, it can be said that the holiday is completely special for you. In this sense, for example, if you have chosen a holiday through villa rental Kalkan, you can have the opportunity to visit every area within Kalkan and nearby areas at the time you want. However, this does not work like this since there are certain meal and activity hours in hotels. If you want a free holiday, you can find luxurious, affordable and high-quality villas through Güven Villas and make a reservation for your holiday.

The Most Beautiful Regions for Villa Holidays

Generally speaking, when it comes to villa holidays, places intertwined with nature are preferred for this type of holiday. Villa features are important in this sense and areas slightly further from the center can be preferred. In this sense, each villa rental site has its own villa regions. As Güven Villas, we have developed such a preference in the locations most preferred by holidaymakers. In other words, the villas we offer consist of the areas you request.

In this sense, Fethiye rental villas can be said to be the most preferred region and category. Our locations within Fethiye, such as Göcek, Yanıklar, Ölüdeniz, Çalış, Faralya and Kayaköy, are among the most preferred holiday areas for both local and foreign holidaymakers. The reason for this is that there are many natural and cultural beauties located around Fethiye, this place is socially developed and its features that affect the holiday, such as the sea, are loved by everyone.

In addition, Kalkan rental villa preferences are also frequently highlighted by our holidaymakers. Villas with many different features such as honeymoon villas and sea view villas in Kalkan are also suitable for holiday. The unique bays, nature and clean air of this region are among the most striking features.

In this sense, you can choose your dream holiday, either in Fethiye or rental villa Kalkan, within the scope of our Güven Villas site, and reach quality and luxury villas and have an unforgettable holiday.

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